In one line what was your background before you joined Resourcing Solutions?

I was the assistant manager in a busy restaurant within the catering industry

What sort of interview process did you go through and what are your memories of this?

I was invited to attend a workshop event and then invited back for a 2nd stage interview after which I got a quick decision (which I needed) and started the month after.

What has Resourcing Solutions done to help progress your career?

Resourcing Solutions has been very supportive and has given me extensive training in recruitment and sales.

What is your proudest achievement whilst working here?

My proudest achievement since working at Resourcing Solutions would have to be my first deal. With the training I was given, I contacted a new client and was able to agree terms of business. Following this, I received a job order and filled their vacancy… all within a month.

What do you like about working here?

The best thing about working at Resourcing Solutions is the support you are given, if you are struggling people are always willing to give you their time and give you advice about alternative ways of working in order to be successful.

How in your opinion does the Company promote togetherness?

Staff retention and the support of the “veteran” recruiters as well as charity days and events.

What are your longer term aspirations with Resourcing Solutions?

My long term aspirations at Resourcing Solutions are to continue to adapt and improve into a specialist 360 consultant role.

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