10 steps to succeeding in an engineering interview

10 steps to succeeding in an engineering interview

Get a 30% increased chance of gaining an offer

Statistics show that candidates who have carried out solid interview preparation will have at least a 30% increased chance of gaining an offer. With this in mind, here are ten steps to help you succeed in your next engineering interview.

Our ten steps

  1. Prepare for your interview like a business meeting – make notes of key points and questions.

  2. Research the company, industry and interviewer(s) using the company website, Google, industry news and social media pages.

  3. Familiarise yourself with your CV in detail and prepare to answer questions on all aspects of it.

  4. Read the job description thoroughly, highlight the key competencies and prepare to answer questions using the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action and Result).

  5. Know the basic details such as the date, time and location. Plan your journey and outfit in advance.

  6. Make sure there is nothing about you on social media that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to know!

  7. Prepare to fluently answer the classic interview opener, “So tell me a little bit about yourself?”

  8. If you need to create a PowerPoint presentation make it clear and concise, and use the ‘SmartArt tool’ to make it more visual.

  9. If your interview is likely to include a psychometric test then search for some examples online beforehand to practice.

  10. Make sure you ask some ‘Killer Questions’ at the end of the interview but don’t ask anything that has already been covered. Close the interview with a roundup of why you want the job and why you are the perfect candidate.

Use the expertise of Resourcing Solutions’ recruitment team

Our recruiters are experienced in successfully preparing candidates for interview, so don’t hold back if you have any questions or need extra support from our team.

As a candidate, who is either seeking employment or thinking about changing jobs, Resourcing Solutions is committed to helping you find the right job. You can search our latest engineering jobs and access our career zone to download guides ranging from CV tips to answering those tricky interviewer questions.

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