7 Creative Ways to Find the Best Engineering Candidates for Your Job Opening

7 Creative Ways to Find the Best Engineering Candidates for Your Job Opening

Every business wants to find the best employees, but tracking down engineers that are a good fit with your brand and have the experience and qualifications you need can be a headache.

But now, with the magic of the internet, engineering firms can get more creative than ever when headhunting the perfect candidate.

Finding the right hires is vital to the success of your business. Having a team that doesn’t gel or that don’t quite have the qualifications you need can stall growth. But the problem is, a lot of engineering firms continue to use old tactics to fill job openings and find they don’t get a great selection of applicants.

With more tools than ever to use to find engineers, it’s time to get creative with your hunt.


Get Creative to Get the Best Candidates


1. Partner With Relevant Publications

The key to finding the right employees is to reach out to them rather than wait for them to come to you.

Plenty of firms think it’s enough to throw up a job ad on their site and hope for the best, but if you really want to find the cream of the crop, you need to hang out where the engineers are hanging out.


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One of the best ways to do this is to partner up with publications that engineers read.

Once you’ve got a relationship with the trade paper, magazine, or online portal, you can build content with them to either drive potential candidates to your job ad or promote the job right there and then.


2. Mingle at Meetups

Following on from the idea of reaching engineers where they hang out, go to conferences and events aimed specifically at engineers. These functions are filled with people looking to build on their skills and further their careers. While there, you can mingle in the seminar breaks and get to know potential candidates.


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Find a list of engineering conferences here.

Alternatively, for that extra boost of exposure, you can sign up to do a conference talk so more potential candidates can get to know your business and what you do.


3. Use Non-Traditional Media

Most engineering companies are stuck in a rut when it comes to advertising new positions. But, if you’re looking to attract millennials and the newest crop of expert engineers, it’s time to shake things up.

Expand your circle of promotion from your website to non-traditional media formats, like podcasts and YouTube. These are the places candidates will be hanging out in their spare time, so utilise that fact by landing guest slots on relevant podcasts or creating a video ad for YouTube.


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Find a list of engineering podcasts here.


4. Record a “Culture Video”

Remember, it’s not just you who’s looking for the right fit.





Potential candidates will want to make sure they’re choosing the right company to work with, too. In order to attract people who will gel well with the rest of your team and complement your business, you need to show them what life on the inside is life.

One of the best ways to do this is via a “culture video” that tracks what working with your brand is like. Within this short film, you might want to ask other, current employees to share their stories of working with you, and provide a general overview of what day-to-day life is like in the office.


5. Have a “Meet the Team” Day

You’ll never know how a potential candidate will fit into your team dynamics until they’ve been hired, but you can get an insight by running a “meet the team” day, where candidates can come in a meet other employees.

Having the right qualifications and experience is important, but the perfect candidate is also an asset to your team from a social and personal perspective. Meet the Team days can be great for getting an idea of how certain candidates will thrive in your business.


6. Build a Mailing List

If you didn’t know already, building a mailing list for your business is vital. You can reach your audience in their sacred space (their inbox) and create a list of people who are interested in what you’re putting out.

But mailing lists can also be the perfect way to find great candidates for job openings. You can use creative, informative content to attract engineers and encourage them to sign up to your mailing list. This means that when you have a job open up, you already have a relevant and interested list of people to send the ad out to.


7. Run a Hackathon

As well as attending conferences and events aimed at engineers, you can also run your own. This doesn’t just have to centre around finding potential candidates, it can also be used to raise awareness of your brand and expand your audience.

When you host events like hackathons, talks, and conferences, attendees will want to get to know more about you. From there, you can learn more about them and their skills to find candidates that are a good fit.


Engineering Companies Are Getting More Savvy at Hiring

Hiring is an important part of business.

Get it wrong and you run the risk of creating a team that suffocates your success. But, if you get it right, you have the potential to grow quickly and produce a team that is efficient and productive.

With the advent of the internet and the millions of opportunities online to reach the right people, engineering companies are getting more savvy when it comes to finding places to hire candidates.

In order to stand out against other companies who might poach the perfect person, you need to do something different. The key is to reach engineers where they’re hanging out rather than waiting for them to come to you. Once you start doing that, you can handpick a team that will take you to the top.

Your recruitment consultancy partner should be well placed to advise you on all of the above and support you strengthening your employer brand and become an choice destination for all the talent you need in a candidate scarce world.


Your recruitment consultancy partner should be well placed to advise you on all of the above and support you strengthening your employer brand and become an choice destination for all the talent you need in a candidate scarce world.

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