Are you above or below average?

Are you above or below average?

Find out if your salary is above or below average

Do you bounce out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step as you travel to work? What motivates you to go to work each day? Is it just a means to an end, i.e. money?

Interestingly money is cited as NOT a key motivator for most people. Things such as making a difference, developing your skills, progressing your career, recognition, interesting work, your colleagues, helping others and flexible working are all quoted as being important factors in getting people out of bed each morning.

So, what about money?

Money is important – but more as a hygiene factor than a motivator. Without it people will be up in arms but it is not the reason why people bounce out of bed. People will want to know they are on a fair deal. If they do not feel this, then it will be a huge demotivator. But so long as people believe they are on a fair deal then there are usually more effective motivators.

“But I was on cloud 9 when I got a big pay rise”.

Yes but was that because of the money or was it because of the recognition that you were clearly doing a good job? Our salary tool provides useful insights into typical disciplines within engineering and construction. There are many factors to take into consideration, but knowing how you fair against the average may not act as an effective motivator for you, but it may tell you whether you are right to feel demotivated.

If you would like to get more detail on your salary and other benefits then complete our salary tool for a report with further benchmarking.

Average annual salaries and day rates

Job Role Average Annual Salary Average Day Rate
Project/Programme/Construction Management  £72,745 £400
Planning/Project Controls £65,292 £472
Commercial Management £63,984 £416
Safety and Reliability/RAMs £63,879 £232
Risk/Risk and Value £61,625 £424
Bids/Tenders/Proposals £55,667 £200
Estimating £53,810 £496
Operations and Maintenance £52,776 £160
Process Engineering £51,429 £392
Systems Engineering £48,060 £584
Project Engineering £48,056 £432
Engineering and Design - General £47,660 £320
HSQE (Health, Safety, Quality, Environmental £47,263 £400
Test and Commissioning £46,643 £440
Design £46,593 £368
Trades and Labour (Safety Critical) £46,056 £112
Commercial - General £45,500 £376
Trades and Labour - General £45,382 £120
Quantity Surveying £44,727 £376
Auditor/Assessor/Inspector £44,667 £208
Resident Engineering £44,500 £704
Site Management/Supervision £40,510 £264
Site Management - General £39,389 £256
Site Engineering/Setting Out £36,284 £232
CAD Draughting/Engineering £35,620 £216
Trades and Labour (Non Safety Critical) £34,500 £80
Installation £32,837 £176

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