How much are you worth in your role?

After months of planning, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new salary benchmarking tool specifically designed for professionals working in the engineering and construction industries. This online tool has been created to add a greater level of transparency to the taboo workplace conversation topic – how much do people really earn?

An Engineering and Construction salary benchmarking tool provides working professionals with detailed industry salary information that has traditionally been quite hard to find.

Compare your salary

The tool offers a comprehensive and up-to-date report on salaries and benefits for professionals who work in the UK’s engineering and construction industries. The salary survey is free for anyone to access, takes less than 60 seconds to complete and is anonymous too.

Market intelligence for the Engineering and Construction industry

Richard Lawrance explains “We are keen to provide a tool that helps working professionals in engineering and construction benchmark their worth, whilst at the same time being in a position to provide market intelligence on salary trends to the leading companies that operate within these sectors.

There is a real trend on the internet for people to freely exchange valuable information and this concept taps into that”. operates on a “give to get” model. Put simply, by inputting your own data you will be provided with a report highlighting salary information within your discipline area.

The site makes use of the median (as opposed to the average) to report cumulative salary results, helping to lessen the impact of any 'extreme' salary entries which helps to make the report, that all participants receive, far more meaningful.

Salary Search Results

A salary survey that factors in your experience, level of education and business type

So far the engineering and construction community has embraced the concept with open arms. “We have been overwhelmed by the interest in this tool” explains Richard, “Professional people have fedback positively to say how useful it is to have access to a salary survey report that considers more than just a person’s job title and location.

What is also considered is length of work experience, number of reports if in management highest level of education attained, and size of company that they work for?”

Salary Survey

Real time salary survey data

One of the other key differences with this tool over the traditional ‘once a year’ salary survey is that this salary data is continually being added to by new visitors on a daily basis. The salary database updates in real time and is available for instant searching. Richard concludes: “As salary entries to the website continue to grow each day, we fully expect that the tool becomes a rich source of data and insights for both working professionals as well as employing companies.”

If you are a working professional in engineering or construction take a look at and let us know what you think.

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