Is HVDC the future?

Is HVDC the future?

HVDC was the original transmission method before HVAC took precedent.

However with advances in technology teamed with the need to transmit power over longer distances, quite often between countries and from offshore windfarms, HVDC has seen quite the revival over the past few decades!

Just looking at major European projects alone, the increase in HVDC is clear to see:

Is HVDC the future - projects

There are numerous HVDC projects on the horizon right across Europe and Resourcing Solutions’ specialist power team is already recruiting for Western HVDC link, Caithness Moray HVDC, ElecLink and Project Nemo.

Germany in particular is pushing towards numerous HVDC projects leading up to 2035.

We would really appreciate hearing the views of power experts on the rise of HVDC. Is it the future?


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