New year, new beginnings – questions you should never ask at an interview

New year, new beginnings – questions you should never ask at an interview

If the start of the new year has got you thinking about a new job, we’ve compiled a list of questions you should avoid asking during an interview.

So when your interviewer turns the tables on you and asks “have you got any questions for me”, make sure your questions show that you are well planned, enthusiastic and prepared to give 100%, and avoid anything self-serving or too controversial.

Avoid questions that show you’ve not done your research;

  • What exactly does the company do? (Don’t ask anything about the company that you could have easily discovered through a Google search).
  • What exactly is this job?

Don’t ask questions that indicate you have something to hide;

  • Will you carry out any background checks on me?
  • Will you be doing any random drugs tests?
  • Will you check my social media account?

Avoid questions that make you seem fussy or awkward

  • What happens if I don’t get along with my boss or co-workers?
  • Is it always so noisy/hot/cold here?
  • Can I have a desk near a window/the coffee machine/the kitchen?
  • Avoid any pedantic questions around the company’s policies.

Don’t ask questions that are more focused on your personal interests than on the job or company;

  • When can I take my first holiday?
  • Do you monitor internet or personal email usage?
  • Can I arrive late or leave early as long as I get my work done?

Definitely don’t go near anything that may seem gossipy or inappropriate;

  • I heard this rumour about the MD/CEO/anyone in the company, is this right?
  • Can I date co-workers?
  • Would you like to meet me for a coffee or a drink sometime?!

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