Why do recruiters struggle to recruit for their own industry?

Having worked in the recruitment industry since 1987 I have seen some disastrous internal recruitment decisions made. Equally, I have seen many a trainee consultant start their new career full of enthusiasm and ambition only to leave the industry a shadow of their former self and disillusioned with the recruitment industry.

Staff turnover in the recruitment industry – 43%

The UK average employee turnover rate is approximately 15% a year, although this varies drastically between industries. The staff turnover for the recruitment industry however has recently been reported to be a shocking 43%!*

To the outside world this is probably puzzling and dare I say it – amusing! It certainly calls into question our recruitment skills and abilities if we cannot recruit successfully for the one job role in this world that we should know above all others – our own!

Is this indicative of the service we provide to our customers? I would suggest not. If this were the case we would all go out of business very quickly as customers would fail to return.

Disillusioned trainee consultants leaving the industry

Clearly we need to take a serious look at why we can get it right for our customers but not for ourselves and why the disillusioned trainee consultants leaving the industry are not the rarity we would like them to be.

• Are we falling at the first hurdle, hiring recruitment consultants with the wrong DNA?

• Are we guilty of failing to develop our recruitment consultants sufficiently? 

• Are we failing to understand the importance of motivating our consultants?

Maybe all of the above need consideration, however, we need to clearly identify the right DNA from the outset otherwise the rest becomes irrelevant.

A stands for Attitude, K stands for Knowledge and S stands for Skill

Recruitment consultants - key attributes

The main attributes we usually look for are attitudinal

Perhaps the answer is in the list above. Eleven of the attributes we usually look for are attitudinal. Even for the most experienced recruiter, this can be difficult to assess during a typical 90 minute interview – especially if you have an experienced sales person in front of you who wants the job and so sells you the dream!  

Gut feel, too often relied upon, is not enough and can be a costly mistake. So what’s the answer I hear you ask?

A Robust Recruitment Process
It's almost impossible to change someone’s attitude

Skills and knowledge are trainable but it is almost impossible to change someone’s attitude. Clearly, every successful recruiter started out at some point with no recruitment experience and it was something besides experience that enabled them to be successful. If you are lucky enough to source an experienced and talented recruitment consultant with the ideal sector background then happy days! But do not let your excitement stop you from fully exploring why such a seemingly good recruitment consultant wants to move on.  If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

When a ‘ready-made’ candidate is not an option, we need to ensure we recruit intelligently. Our top ten recruitment tips may just be what you are looking for. Sounds like hard work?  Yes it is, but the consequences of continually hiring the wrong DNA are damaging to your business, your reputation and to your budget.

* Source: Monster

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