National Women In Engineering Day

Celebrating 95 years of women engineers

Today, we are celebrating 'National Women in Engineering Day', organised by the Women's Engineering Society (WES).

Many organisations are getting behind the day with events taking place around the country. These events celebrate the engineering achievements that women played during the first and second world wars and the key roles they continue to play today.

National Women in Engineering Logo

Engineering skill shortages, diversity and inclusion

Some of the engineering challenges that existed in the early 1900s exist today. Skill shortages continue to be an issue for the engineering industry even 100 years on!

To get behind this event and help raise WES's profile, we interviewed three women that work with us in the rail industry. Eleanor wanted to find out more about their career challenges; how they got into engineering, how they established a career in engineering and what they think needs to be done to encourage more women becoming engineers. Below is a snapshot of their feedback.

Engineering - a business imperative

  • Having good transferable skills always helps so it is never too late to establish a career in engineering
  • Schools and universities need to do more to promote engineers as a career amongst women
  • Engineering encompasses a variety of industy sectors rail, defence, automotive. The variety is there and great opportunities exist too
  • Do not be put off - the opportunities and support for women in engineering are there with little or no prejudice. More businesses are promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace than ever before

Using the photo links below, please read more about Sam, Helen and Rhian and their journey into the world of engineering. 

Sam ConnellHelen PopeRhian Chapman

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