UK Rail Signalling is the safest in Europe

The Signalling Supplier Safety Forum was recently held at Network Rail’s Westwood training centre run by the Director of Major Projects. It was a great event, with a lot of interesting information, however there were some key insights that really resonated with me and made me proud to be part of Rail Signalling in the UK.

UK Rail Signalling is the safest Rail Infrastructure division in the whole of Europe.

This is based on the latest safety statistics and was neatly outlined in the following way:

UK rail signalling is the safest in Europe

Signalling safety statistics are showing positive trends

Accidents in Rail Signalling are decreasing

• 45 accidents between 2016-17
• 56 accidents between 2015-16

Incidents in Rail Signalling are decreasing

• 53 incidents between 2016-17
• 64 incidents between 2015-16

Operational close calls in Rail Signalling are decreasing

• 10 operational close calls between 2016-17
• 21 operational close calls between 2015-16

These trends show how hard everyone in Rail Signalling is working to protect the safety of workers. By using more robust systems and everyone taking their own individual responsibility to promote and highlight all aspects of safety, there are some fantastic results being achieved. Resourcing Solutions has certainly pushed even harder this year to manage the health and safety of workers including distributing monthly bulletins, building a ‘Resourcing Safely’ Facebook group and increasing our presence on site to carry out all kinds of safety audits (Site, PPE and Behavioural).

Shifting the focus towards System Safety

A key discussion point of the forum focused on a shift towards the area of System Safety and how the industry can pull together successfully to improve safety in this area. A few examples that were given in the forum were:

• Links and fuses being left out at the point of entry to service
• Equipment being left unsecured
• Possession limits – know your limits to ensure equipment is not being disconnected outside of possession
• Design for the end user - when designing, always have the end user in mind
• Recovery of operational/live equipment – ensure test before touch is carried out

We are looking forward to continuing to work with our clients on achieving great safety results and to support the focus on system safety.

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