X factor infrastructure projects, which excites you the most?

X factor infrastructure projects, which excites you the most?

For some time now, commentators have been saying we are on the verge of a golden age of engineering and construction in the UK.

In 2013, the BBC reported that “the government has set out how £100bn will be spent from 2015-2020 on building new infrastructure in the UK”. With so many projects already receiving funding and more on the brink of signing deals, we have compiled a list of some of the most substantial (and we think) exciting projects that are in the pipeline for the UK, as well as a blue sky international venture.

Which one gets your backing and interests you the most? Is there another project that you think deserves a mention?

We look forward to hearing your comments.

Power and Water

Hinkley Point

The £18bn project to revitalise the UK’s nuclear power industry. As we write, the deal still hangs in the balance as EDF stalls on final sign off. If it all goes to plan, the plant will create thousands of jobs and will be the first power station built for a generation.

Thames Tideway 

Thames Tideway Tunnel is set for completion by the end of 2022, and is the UK water industry’s largest project to date. The project will bring London’s sewage and surface water system into the modern age and relieve the river Thames of around 50 sewage overflows a year. It’s no surprise that the water quality of the river Thames around London does not currently meet EU standards! 25km of sewage tunnels, largely under the Thames will revolutionise the network, creating thousands of job opportunities.



The £55.7bn project which will connect London to Birmingham (and then Leeds and Manchester) via a high speed rail link. Phase 1 of the project is well underway and is already picking up speed (excuse the pun), with HS2 connecting up with Crewe, by 2027 which is 6 years ahead of plan. In case you didn’t know, HS1 is the other name for the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

East West Rail

Major rail project connecting East Anglia with Southern, Central and Western England. The ‘Western Section‘ is now a committed, funded scheme to re-introduce passenger and freight services between Bedford and Oxford, Milton Keynes and Aylesbury. The Central and Eastern sections will be proposed for approval in the future..

Crossrail 2

To support the population growth in London which is set to extend from a record 8.6 million today to 10 million people by 2030. Crossrail 2 will connect parts of Hertfordshire and Surrey with Central London and relieve the pressure on existing rail networks. 60,000 new jobs will be created whilst the project is being built..

Lower Thames Crossing

Plans to build a road tunnel under the River Thames, connecting Essex and Kent are well underway. Aimed at providing an alternative route to the Dartford Crossing, to ease congestion and boost the economy. We will be keeping a close eye on the progress of this project as it goes through consultation.


Slightly more blue sky than the rest in the list but interesting all the same. Elon Musk, the vision behind Tesla Motors has imagined his next idea. Hyperloop is a high speed transportation concept. It could connect passengers from London to Glasgow in 30 minutes. The Hyperloop concept is based around individual pods running in sealed tubes, moving at 760 mph.

Built Environment

Paddington Place (aka Skinny Shard)

A major project worth £1bn aimed at transforming the area around Paddington Station. The vision behind the project is from the original Shard developer Sellar Property and its architect Renzo Piano. If Westminster Council gives it the go ahead, Paddington will benefit from a larger tube ticket hall and piazza. There will be an open air sky garden and of course a tall, iconic tower with a mix of residential and commercial occupancy.

Slough Redevelopment

Slough has taken a beating throughout the years, with the NY Times even wondering what is wrong with the place, probably off the back of Ricky Gervais’ rise to fame in the US. But Slough is being redeveloped in partnership with Morgan Sindall, starting with the £16m building of ‘The Curve’. Once completed, The Curve will house a brand new library, cafe, museum, performance venue, learning rooms and computer suite and hopefully rid Slough of its international reputation!

We look forward to hearing your comments soon.

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