The aim of the Resourcing Solutions ‘Candidate Zone’ is to provide links to any information that you may find useful, whether you are an active job seeker or a passive job seeker – and whether you are interested in permanent career opportunities, short term temporary or mid to long term contract assignments.

You will find guidance tips on all aspects of the recruitment process, as well as helpful information for those considering options to work on a contract basis. For those already working on a contract basis, we aim to keep you posted with the latest changes in legislation that impacts agency workers.

First and foremost Resourcing Solutions aims to support skilled candidates in our niché areas of expertise, whether they elect to engage Resourcing Solutions as their recruiter/agency or not.

If there is any information that our candidate zone does not provide you with, but that you would find useful, please let us know, and we will aim to produce a guide on your requested topic.