We have our own 24 hour ‘close call’ reporting system to enable any of our contract workers or staff to report a close call. A close call can also be defined as a warning or a near miss. It is estimated that for every major accident or fatality there are many hundreds more close calls.

Reporting of close calls is therefore very important as it may prevent a more serious event from taking place in the future. It also enables lessons to be learned and shared by other organisations.

What is a close call?

A close call is an unplanned incident that does not cause personal injury, property damage, or release to the environment but under the other circumstances could have easily done so.

If you think that something might have happened that could have resulted in injury or damage to the environment - then that counts as a close call.

How do I report a close call?

If you witness or participate in an event which compromises or threatens to compromise the health and safety of a person or the environment, you can:

  • Alert your on-site supervisor
  • Call our 24 hour on call management service on 07786 265531
  • Contact CIRAS - CIRAS is the Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis System for the rail industry. It is an alternative way for anyone working on the railway to report safety concerns. Visit their website www.ciras.org.uk for more information.

Your call to our on call management service number will be anonymous and confidential. All close call reports will be investigated by our Head of SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) and reported via our monthly briefings.