Registration process for contractors

We have produced the following registration documents to ensure that we have relevant and up to date information.

This enables us to register you and to check that we have the relevant information to place you on a contract assignment. We require the following documentation so we comply with legislation and processes set by our accreditations.

What you need to do:

  • Print the registration pack completing all sections relevant to you
  • Sign the relevant sections ensuring the declaration is signed and dated on page eight
  • Print the policy pack and induction pack
  • Sign and date the declaration in the registration pack. This confirms that you have read and understood the policy and induction pack (Rail, London Underground and construction)
  • Print and read the Agreement for services (PAYE pay status) and Consultancy agreement (Ltd pay status)
  • Print out and read the privacy pack
  • If you require self billing under a consultancy agreement print and fill in the form

To speed up your registration, enclose legible colour photocopies/scanned copies of the following:

  • Qualification/training/competency certificates/cards - in colour
  • Medical & Alcohol and Drugs certificates (if applicable) - in colour
  • Valid passport or work visa & permit - in colour including front cover of passport OR – full birth certificate (showing a place for both parents' names)
  • Any other relevant supporting documents required to support your application
  • Supporting documentation relating to your pay status

Once completed, please post the registration pack, documents and evidence to the compliance team at:

Resourcing Solutions Limited
3rd floor 1020 Eskdale Road
Winnersh Triangle
RG41 5TS

Or scan and email with supporting documents and evidence to

Packs to be completed:

Registration pack (non rail) 

Rail registration pack

To be filled in by all contractors

Policy pack

To be read and understood by all contractors working in the Rail, London Underground and construction industries

Induction pack

To be read and understood by all contractors working in the Rail, London Underground and construction industries

Privacy policy

Information of what will happen to your information once registered

Agreement for services

Terms for contractors working through PAYE status

Consultancy agreement

Terms for contractors working through own Limited Company or paid through an umbrella company

For more information or clarification regarding these documents, please contact the compliance team on  or call on 0118 924 1639