Annual Statement (Published 25th May 2017)

Resourcing Solutions (from hereon in will be known as the Company) acknowledges its legal obligation under the Modern Day Slavery Act and in turn issues this annual statement in compliance with Section 54 of the “Act”. The Company has set a Policy which details how we will ensure that appropriate processes are in place and that due diligence is performed to satisfy itself that there is no evidence of any act of modern day slavery or human trafficking in the Company.

The Company is a permanent, contract and temporary recruitment consultancy specialising in engineering and construction disciplines for Rail, Power and the Built Environment. Our vision is ‘engaging people’. This has many connotations, and all will be relevant to us being the recruitment provider of choice, whether you are looking for hard-to-find talent, looking for your next role, or you are looking to join us.

The Board of Directors are committed to its Modern Day Slavery Policy and the way in which it is deployed throughout our Company and its supply chain. The Company will interface with different organisations and professional bodies to identify best practice. All personnel are made aware of this policy, during induction training, and are encouraged to demonstrate their own support to the system by continuous active participation. This policy will be reviewed at least annually and significant changes communicated to all personnel.

Some actions that are taken to prevent exploitation of temporary workers are: No use of gang-masters, a direct commercial agreement with the worker or an approved Umbrella Company, 100% of the workers are paid the minimum wage and above and compliance checks are performed on personal service companies, suppliers are subject to an approved supplier process that allows due diligence and compliance checks.

The Company maintains a whistle-blowing policy and procedure to employees and workers. A suitable and sufficient risk assessment is also completed and control measures employed to prevent a breach of our legal obligations and company policies.

Richard Lawrance
Chief Executive Officer