Resourcing Solutions have supported many charities over the years, however we now put all our fund raising efforts into just two, in memory of two of our staff who lost their lives to these illnesses.


Marie Cox
Breast Cancer In memory of Marie Cox

David Maynard

Prostate Cancer In memory of David Maynard

Each year we have a Pink Friday (in October) to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer and a Blue Friday (in April) to raise awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer.

Each and every one of us could be unfortunate enough to suffer from one of these dreadful diseases, and we have run marathons around the world, climbed the Three Peaks, walked and cycled varying distances on organised fund raisers, baked and sold cakes, waxed directors bits and bobs – in fact there is almost nothing we wouldn’t do for a good cause. We look to fund raise throughout the year, not just on Pink and Blue Friday.

Our last Pink Friday in October raised in excess of £1,000 on the day thanks to the generosity of all the staff at Resourcing Solutions. One day, with everyones support, there will be a cure for cancer.

Previous charities that we have adopted and supported and raised £thousands for include Railway Children and Daisy’s Dream.

if you would like to support our charity, please contact us.