Director of Talent

Amanda Mortimer

Amanda started her career in recruitment in the late 80’s, and following her success as a top billing perm consultant and Manager, took a horizontal step into training and development in 2004; an area she was very passionate about then and still is today.

Amanda joined RSL in 2011 as Head of Talent and has since progressed to Director of Talent and Development managing Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development and the HR function for all RSL offices.  As an Operational Board member Amanda is involved in helping turn the Company strategy into reality.

Amanda and her teams are responsible for hiring and inducting the right talent into the business against a pre-set company growth plan, thereafter taking responsibility for ensuring that each employee (from Trainee to Senior Manager) has the opportunity to reach their full potential by looking after staff welfare and their on-going training and development needs.

Outside of work, Amanda is married with 3 children, 3 stepchildren and 2 granddaughters who all keep her really busy.