In addition to our recruitment services, we are able to provide high quality, technically competent survey teams. Our survey team is equipped with the latest in surveying technology to carry out a wide range of site surveys in the UK. This enables our construction clients to produce accurate, compliant drawings to enable timely delivery of contractual obligations.

Technical Survey Solutions

Services offered:

  • Initial site surveys - including initial site survey, establishing the building footprint and providing gridlines and datum levels. These can be provided in 2D and 3D drawings and reports in various formats
  • Deformation, noise and vibration monitoring - we provide, install, maintain and regularly report on a wide range of monitoring works. Including:
    • dust monitoring (including PM10)
    • settlement/movement monitoring
    • vibration monitoring
    • noise monitoring
    • inclinometer monitoring
    • precise levelling
  • Volumetric surveys - using contouring and elevation analysis tools, we are able to provide precise volume calculations based on digital terrain models as well as cut and fill volumes
  • Measured building surveys - Our ‘reflectorless’ instruments enable us to survey remote, inaccessible or dangerous areas without having to venture into them
  • ‘As built’ surveys - we carry out ‘As built’ surveys to provide a record of where a project stands at a specific point in time
  • Topographical surveys and mapping - using traditional traversing techniques or the latest GPS technology, we can supply completed surveys in a range of electronic formats
  • Pile setting out - our pile setting out service provides a fast and efficient way to identify pile positions which in turns saves money and time

Recent projects that we have undertaken for clients include: vibration/façade movement monitoring for a residential project; establishing controls for a commercial refurbishment; and noise monitoring for an office block fit out.

To contact our survey team, please call +44 (0)208 10 200 80 or email: