Network Rail has produced a series of safety videos that you are required to watch. The videos demonstrate what the human consequences of breaking the ‘Lifesaving Rules’ are through X-rays of skeletons.

You can view each of the videos by clicking on the images below.

Viewing tips:

Due to the file sizes, we recommend viewing these videos at home on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Some users have experienced difficulty viewing these videos in some versions of Internet Explorer 10 and above so we recommend viewing on a tablet if possible or an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Contact with a train

contact with a train




Taking responsibility

taking responsibility

Working at heights

working at height

Working with electricity

working with electricity

Working with moving equipment

working with moving equipment

Atkins has produced a Level Crossing video to promote level crossing safety across the Rail industry. You can view the video below.

Atkins level crossing safety video